i will not be the girl who gets asked how it feels

to be trotting along at the genius’ heels

i will not be the girl who requires a man to get by


instead of side by side, i take his cue


spooky mormon hell dream; a playlist of musical songs to get you ready for halloween

facade- jekyll and hyde / when you’re an addams- the addams family / mirror-blue night- spring awakening / spooky mormon hell dream- book of mormon / masquerade- the phantom of the opera / march of the witch hunters- wicked / your fault/last midnight- into the woods / temper, temper- mary poppins / ballad of sweeny todd- sweeny todd / no good deed- wicked / be prepared- the lion king / twisted- twisted / the destruction- carrie / time warp- the rocky horror picture show


Bonnie Milligan & Laura Osnes - "Disney Princess Medley"


Kerry Ellis as Elphaba


Spring Awakening + text post meme (credit to franklinshepard for text post)


A short and loving life… That ain’t so bad.

Andrew Rannells in Hedwig and the Angry Inch [x]

Your soul is a beautiful thing, child. No emperor received so fair a gift…

who touch and color the hours