Title: I Can Do Better Than That
Artist: Anna Kendrick
Album: The Last Five Years
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SPOILER ALERT for the movie adaption of The Last Five Years. I’m so excited to watch this movie. Anna Kendrick’s voice is just soooooo perfect.

all alone, they linger till they find you

900 followers? Omg this is insane!! Never ever did I think I would have this many, thank you all so much with putting up with me. You are all amazing:)

Title: Sugar Daddy
Artist: Neil Patrick Harris
Album: Hedwig & The Angry Inch OBC
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I am OBSESSED with this song.

That’s my new man-servant. He’s just finding his way around.

 Neil Patrick Harris at the 68th Annual Tony Awards on June 8, 2014 in NYC.

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heads up, JD, I’m a dead girl walking.